(this is a continuation of ChI kIlLs Me At 3 Am.)

It was a spookis nite, I was watching ninja play fortnight, everything was fine and dandle when I got called.



"Hasndj is die"


I rushed to the supermarket to buy EPIC GAMER NINJA MURCH, it was epic gamer twice.

Xo I went bac to the home (bac was originally something else but I couldn't turn off autocorrect so now it's bac.) and threw my EPIC GAMER NINJA MURCH in the dumbser, then ninja ate my socks, I crii for 24 hours *not fake*, and then flod'd my hoooooooouse!! big ree no gee.

I hadt o buy now home bee coz my ole on flod'd.

While at HOME DEPOSISISIISISISISISISISISISISIISISI, I found a DVD of Cheese, I opned it and meltec dheese feel out of the box soup bolw, the dheese feel onto my choes and they melted into my feet.

big ree big ree big ree.


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