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You may have a heard about a youtube channel called Anti Hobbykids and it was funny until this video I recently saw that was uploaded by the user and I have solid proof of this video's existence and I will just tell you the story of my personal reaction to this video! The first thing that showed up on the screen was a disclaimer of some sort and it reads and I quote "Anti Hobbykids once made a video until she realized that it was too spooky! Youtube took down the video 1 second later! But we still have some of the salvaged footage found in youtube HQ Basement" I just ignored the disclaimer and proceeded on to the video. The video starts off with Anti Hobbykids watching some funny cartoons until out of nowhere, cops shown up at her house! They said they were here because she deleted most apps on the Ipad like google play, I also noticed that the 2nd cop's voice is all muffled and creepy! The cops proceeded to execute Anti Hobbykids by beating her up which killed her! Then suddenly, static appeared on the screen which startled me! The scene after the static was a bit creepy, it just shown the living room, but randomly selected music was playing in the backround but then all the furniture was gone and extremely creepy music was playing in the backround and I was scared! But then Static appeared again and donkey kong and Dex Dogtective were on a show stage and donkey kong said "If you're watching this right now, you will get banana slamma'd in 2 days" static appeared again! Next scene was a scene with Nico Yazawa from Love Live and Barney the dinosaur! Nico said "Nico Nico Nii!" to Barney and Barney the dinosaur was crying! Then Nico Punched Barney in the crotch and Barney The dinosaur Faded to dust!! But then, all of a sudden, the screen was all Blue and it looked even more scary! Then, Phantom Freddy jumpscared me and it scared me so bad I almost fell out of my chair, in fact I did briefly, and I broke my nose! Then the last scene had the dead bodies of I presume Brendan Barney, big chungus, wow wow wubzy, annoying orange,new guy,HoodoHoodlumsrevenge,and Bob the Builder, and then static appeared on the screen and the video was over, I was so scared that I jumped out the window trying to Kermit suicide but I failed and I badly hurt myself, I regret my life and I hate my life now after watching that horrific video, I hope I die soon... yo home dawg u heard of raid shadow legends? no ok  raid is that new game on phones  put 80 years of your life into raid and spend $100 dollars on its microtransactions or jack paul will getcha 

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